She+ Geeks Out Summit

September 27, 2019
District Hall, Boston, MA


We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who made this day so special – thank you to our incredible sponsors, speakers, volunteers, ambassadors, and of course, our community, for showing up and continuing to help us build an inclusive, welcoming environment for all! If you’d like to stay in touch and find out when the next Summit is happening, sign up for our newsletter in the footer. In the meantime, we hope these photos and quotes from participants move you as much as they moved us!

She+ Geeks Out Summit 2019

What People Said

The SGO Summit was the culmination of everything that SGO is all about! From the amazing speakers, all of whom provided ample inspiration and threads of knowledge, to my fellow attendees who were so welcoming, open, and truly captured why I value this community so much.

Wonderful speakers, wonderful vibe, wonderful people

The speakers were amazing (HOLY SH*T ROXANE GAY), the layout was great (a place to chill & work was AMAZING), and the community of women was lovely. Pronoun stickers were super inclusive too!

I loved the variety of people speaking, moderating, etc. It was awesome to see so many people up in front of the room. I loved the option of the career coaches! That was an AMAZING resource.

Casual, fun, informative, aware, current, festive, location, central, cozy, people, organizers, speakers, moderators, topics…..

I loved how relaxed the environment was. I felt like I could be myself and make mistakes WHILE ALSO meeting some amazing people and learning cool things

I liked that it was professional but not formal, everyone was very friendly and helpful and seemed genuinely stoked to be there and to network. Volunteers were welcoming, the programming was wonderful, it didn’t feel overwhelming, and the location was super convenient. Also the food and beverages were top notch! I left feeling inspired and empowered, and more connected to folks working in STEM in the Boston area — which was the whole point!

SGO draws the friendliest crowd! I was SO HAPPY when someone neutralized the gendered bathrooms – as a nonbinary person that’s what makes me feel included.

I loved the energy of the SGO team! They were incredibly kind, and helpful and it was great to see all of the thoughtful considerations that were made to create the event.

Roxane Gay was AMAZING It was nice to be in such a she+ positive environment for a day. Sometimes all I need is a shot of girl+ power.

There was a great flow of the day and it was a good mix of panels, breakouts, and speakers. I met some really interesting people and enjoyed every session I attended.

I have so much admiration and appreciation for what SGO is doing. SGO has a powerful and timely mission, and does excellent work in carrying it out. Its first ever summit did a great job creating an inclusive environment for women of all role types and backgrounds, bringing us together around some of the toughest challenges in the workplace, and giving us both solidarity and tangible tools to help support us in the workforce.

It’s so refreshing to spend an entire day with people who are aligned with you on DEI issues, and open to discussing them and learning more about them together. It’s so good.


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